The first step of the configuration of Audiqueen for your clinic or hospital is to fill in the Centre information.

This operation has to be executed only once. You will be prompted to fill in this information the first time you run Audiqueen from one of the workstations. Once this information provided, you can edit it from within Audiqueen.

On the first run on a newly created Audiqueen database, the Centre Information screen appears.  Enter your clinic details. This information will appear on print-outs and reports.

Then you need to create users for Audiqueen. . Click "New Operator" and enter the user's details.

You must at least create one account of the "Administrator" type. Administrator accounts are allowed to create other user accounts, while other types of users are not.

Press "OK" when you are finished.

The Login screen appears. Select your administrator account and enter the password you chose in the previous step. Press "OK".

You can create additional users later from within Audiqueen using an adminstrator account.