I have selected an index in the Format window, but the grid does not show this index.

The reason for this is that you’ve also checked the “Allow stimulus dependent indices to override the default index’ checkbox.  As a result, Audiqueen presents the proprietary index for a speech test if such an index exists.  For instance, in this example, the NVA speech list comes with EaSI as proprietary index.  Hence, for NVA results, Audiqueen does not calculate the db SRT20 (as picked in the format window), but rather this proprietary index.  For other speech tests, provided they don’t come with proprietary indices, Audiqueen calculates the default index, in this case dB SRT20.

A proprietary (also called specific index or stimulus dependent index) is set by means of the Manage Stimulus Material button, than Edit the test of your choice, then check the box ‘Use a specific index to summarize results obtained with this stimulus’, where SiQ stands for speech in quiet and SiN for speech in noise.