Audiqueen typically allows you to print a report with one or more results of the same test type. The print procedure is explained in the instructional video on PrintingIt is possible to modify the report template to your own convenience (see the instructional video on Reports).

It is also possible to combine the test results of audiometry and speech audiometry on one single report. For that purpose, you should use the built-in report template ‘Combo (Audio + Speech)’.

This report template is only available in the Audiometry Print function. The report will display the selected audiograms and it will automatically add all speech audiograms of the same date(s) as the audiograms.

And how about different test types of different dates?

This requires a different approach. Suppose you want to combine audiograms of certain dates with speech audiograms of different dates. Then the only option is to copy one of both to the clipboard, print the other to a Word document and paste the first in the Word document. This is how this should look like.

1. Select the audiograms you wish to print and copy them to the clipboard

2. Select the speech audiograms you wish to print and create a word document 

3. copy the audiogram in the word document (use ctrl-v)

This feature is not available in the webviewer.