Both the Rinne and Weber tests are tuning fork tests. Typically tuning forks with resonation frequencies of 256 Hz and 512 Hz are used for this. The Rinne test results are displayed as plus (+) or minus (-) for each ear, while the Weber test results are displayed as arrows pointing to the ear side where the sound has been perceived.

You can enter these test results in the Audiometry test. This is the procedure:

  • Select an Audiometry
  • Check the Rinne and Weber check boxes in the format window

  • You can either edit an existing audiogram (use the right mouse button for this) or create a manual input

  • Select Weber as conduction, move the mouse to the frequency of the tuning fork and use the right mouse button to pick the arrow. The arrow is now displayed at both ears.

  • Select Rinne as conduction, and do the same to plot the plus or minus sign at each ear separately.

The signs are always plotted at the same horizontal line, you can choose this in the format window.

This feature is not available in the webviewer.
Audiqueen's webviewer displays the results entered in Audiqueen's Workstations.