See also: Test Type Working Principles 

Click on this support page as a good starting point for understanding Custom Test Types.

Audiqueen comes with unique user-friendly multimedia capturing feature. This built-in software module allows you to record sound, images, or video sequences as test results.  You first need to connect the microphone or camera.  Then you create and configure the custom test.

Connect your camera to your computer  


Before you start, you must make sure that your computer receives video images.  Hence you need a camera and a connection to your computer.  Any digital camera will do.  This can be a simple webcam or a high-end endoscopic tip camera. The connection between camera and computer depends on the camera and the drivers that come with it.  Many modern cameras have easy-to-use USB connections.  Other cameras are connected to a monitor.  In that case, you need to capture the video signal from that monitor. You can find adaptors and software for this in any dedicated retail shop.  Alternatively, Otoconsult or your Audiqueen distributor can assist you and provide you with the proper components.

The camera should appear under devices in your computer’s Control Panel.

Create and configure a Test Type for video images 


Now you need to create a test type.  You can either activate the built-in test types Voice Recording or Endoscopy or create a new Custom Test Type.  The instructional video on Test Management shows you how to create a custom test:

  • Create a new test type by opening the Test Management window and clicking on New Test:

  • In the Test Management window:
    • fill out the name of the new test type
    • add an icon (right mouse button)
      • if the test can be done with hearing aids, check the ‘attach devices’ box
      • synopsis parameters are parameters that you can add to summarize the test results.  If available, they appear in the grid:

        Synopsis parameters can be created here (see also: How to add synopsis variables to custom tests ?).

        You can set them as an index, which means they will appear in the index column of the grid.

    • Make sure to check the Software for this Test ‘Audiqueen Multimedia Capture’ in the Custom Test Details (you can always use the Format window to change this).

      Please make sure to only use the other connectors if you are well informed and have good reasons to do so.
      The Video/Audio capture is only meant as a fall-back solution for older cameras, those whose drivers are not compatible with Windows 10 or higher.

    • The Configure window allows you to identify the camera and the sound recorder you want to use and to change your preferences. It also lets you set the keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys to start and stop recording or to take a snapshot.

    • Note that you can set hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) to take a snapshot and/or to start/stop video recording. If you use the same for both (e.g. the spacebar), a short tap will take the snapshot, while a long hold will start or stop the video. The duration of the click to control the video recording can be set in the Hold Time box. It is possible to add a foot pedal (or any other Human Interface Device or HID) to control these functions.

    • Please take into consideration that video recording uses a lot of your storage (hard disk) and make sure to have sufficient capacity available on your system. Audiqueen indicated how much storage your preferences require.

Read now: How to record sound, images, and video for further use instructions.

This feature is not available in the web viewer.