For your convenience, several Test Types come with Audiqueen, but they are not activated by default.  So they do not appear in the Ribbon.  These Test Types like OAE (otoacoustic emissions), ABR (auditory brainstem audiometry), Nystagmography, Endoscopy, Voice Recording, Skin Prick Test, Documents, Drawings, Stabilometry, and also Test Types like Audiometry Doc, Impedance Doc, Speech Audio DOC, Speech in Noise DOC, Rhinomanometry DOC, Rhinometry DOC.  The DOC extension means that the original test type (e.g. Audiometry) also exists for numerical input, while this DOC test type allows manual input of scanned audiograms.

If you want one of these test types to appear in the Ribbon, this is how to proceed. Go to the test management window to get a list of all test types available (See the instructional video on Test Management).  Click on the Add Standard Test button.  Select a Test Type from the list of built-in Test Types and click on Install Test.

You can create synopsis parameters if you wish (See here) for summarizing the test results in a personal way.

The Test Type now appears in the list of Custom Tests and also in the Ribbon and is readily available to be used.

This feature is not available in the web viewer.