This error occurs when you perform speech audiometry in the Affinity Suite with speech material that is unknown to Audiqueen.

To find the speech lists which are known to Audiqueen: Select Speech Audiometry in the Ribbon (1), click on the Format button (2) and then on Manage Speech material (3).

There are 2 workarounds:

1. If the test performed in Affinity Suites does occur in the Audiqueen list, make sure they have exactly the same name both in Audiqueen and in Affinity Suite.  For instance, if Audiqueen knows the test as A. Boothroyd and Affinity Suite as Arthur Boothroyd, you should change the name in either of both places. Find out here how to change the name in Audiqueen. This is how to change the name in Affinity Suite:

2. If the test performed in Affinity Suites does not occur in the Audiqueen list, select one of the existent stimuli (1)(2) after having closed Affinity Suite and before having saved the result in Audiqueen.

Should you wish to attribute a name to the test stimulus afterwards, just select the test result in the list of speech audiograms and use the right mouse to edit.