Audiqueen can be configured to automatically generate report files (PDF, Word, txt, etc.) whenever tests are performed. 

Open Administrator Tools and click on "File Push to  EMR".

Check "Dump every new result" and select the  dumping  method (1).

Now, every time a new result is saved (or edited, see below) in Audiqueen, a copy of it is sent to the EMR.
You can choose which result types to be included in the dump process (2). If the result consists of raw data (such as audiometry, speech audiometry, tympanometry, rhino(mano)metry, you can choose the template to be used to convert them into a pdf file (2).

Dumping method

  • Copy each new result to a folder: this will save a file to a set folder; the filename is defined in the corresponding fields (4).
    The file names or metadata should contain the required information for the HIS to assign the report to the correct patient and visit.

    It is possible to dump a file not only for new results, but also each time a result is edited. For this, check the corresponding checkbox.

  • HL7 ORU Dump: this will send an ORU message with the dump file to the HL7 server.
    The ORU message is sent upon the saving of a new or a modified test result. It is up to the receiving part to identify new or modified based on the DataFileID.
    The Dump Results Now button allow you to retrieve and dump all results between 2 dates.  This is a rescue measure in case the HL7 dump has not funcitoned for a certain period.

Exclude files

It is possible to exclude certain files from this procedure (3), such as files above a certain file size, or files with certain extensions.