We have put a lot of effort into making Audiqueen as intuitive as possible. Audiqueen comes with a comprehensive manual and help function (FAQ).  Should you need more help, our helpdesk is available via Audiqueen's menu or Otoconsult's website during business hours on weekdays (CET/CEST). 

Remote service (phone, e-mail, internet, etc.) is only included in site licence subscriptions.   The number of included support hours is stated in the Audiqueen licence and maintenance agreement.  In the absence of a written and signed agreement, 2 hours are included in the annual subscription fee.  Additional hours will be invoiced in accordance with the current rates available on our website.

All other subscriptions are 'off the shelf', meaning no support is included.  Support is billed per hour started according to the rates found on our site.  This is the case for the following licences.

  • Single workstation
  • 3-concurrency licence
  • 6-concurrency licence

Support vouchers can be purchased online from our webshop CI SHOP.