Click on the Patient tab in the ribbon to access the patient’s administrative details.

If Audiqueen is connected to your EMR (Electronic Medical Record), some or all fields may be read-only.  Contact your Audiqueen Administrator to change this.

Most fields are self-evident. This is the legend of the others:

  • Code Name: this is an auto-generated code that starts with the first 3 characters of the name and the first character of the first name followed by a random series of characters.  You are free to change this.  This code can be used on later occasions to anonymize/pseudonymize the patient’s details (e.g. in reports etc.)
  • External ID: this is the unique identifier from your EMR (Electronic Medical Record).
  • Archived: this box is checked when a patient’s file is archived.

This is also the place to add a picture of the patient by uploading it from a file or by taking a picture in real time with a connected camera or webcam.  To do this, right-click on the photo field.

This feature is not available in the web viewer.