Keywords are useful for selecting patients in Audiqueen Analytics.  

They differ from events in that events are tied to a date.  An operation or the start of a therapy are events.  A syndrome or a radiological anomaly or a genetic mutation are keywords.

You assign keywords to a patient by clicking the Keywords button in the Ribbon.  This opens the catalogue of keywords (click here to find out how to edit the catalogue). 

You can search for a keyword by typing it into the search bar...

or by browsing through the keyword tree...

Click on the >> button to assign the selected keyword to the patient.

If the keyword only applies to one ear, you can right-click on the keyword and determine the side to which it applies.

bulk import

You can also import keywords in bulk so that you can assign a series of keywords to a series of patients in one go.  This can be useful, for example, if the EMR contains keywords and you want to copy them into Audiqueen.  See here for more details.

This feature is not available in the web viewer.
Audiqueen's web viewer displays the keywords entered in Audiqueen's Workstations.