Yes, you can (this requires admin rights ! ).  

Changing the built-in symbols

The symbols used are in conformity with international standards ISO 8253-1:2010.  If you don’t like these symbols used to display the thresholds in audiometry or the scores in speech audiometry, you can replace them with your own symbols.  For this, click on the format button in the ribbon, and then on the Show Legend button.  You can then click the right mouse button on the symbol you want to change and replace it with the symbol of your choice.  This new symbol must be an image file (JPEG or PNG) with a size of 302x302 pixels.

Click on preview to see how this new symbol combines with the other symbols.

After saving, the new symbols will appear on the audiograms.

Adding new symbols

Audiqueen also allows you to add new symbols rather than replace the built-in symbols.  There is room for 8 extra symbols.   To load a custom symbol, click the right mouse button on one of the fields for custom symbols and load an image file of  302x302 pixels.

Click on the label to modify the name of the symbol.

Now, this symbol is available for manual input of points in audiometry and speech audiometry.

During manual entry, click on the right mouse button to retrieve the custom symbol.

The symbol appears on the audiogram in the correct colour.  It doesn't get connected with the regular points.

This feature is not available in the web viewer.  
Audiqueen's web viewer inherits the settings defined in Audiqueen's Workstations.