You may have 2 parts of one test result separately.  In that case, they appear as 2 lines in the results grid.  But you may prefer to combine them into one line.  If this merge is ‘legal’ (see further), this is how to do it.

Here you see 3 results of loudness scaling, at 250, 1000, and 4000 Hz.  The results have been saved separately.  There are 3 lines in the grid and each part has its colour in the graph.

To merge these results, use shift or ctrl-mouse to select the lines you want to merge and click on Merge Results.

The results are now merged, they have one line in the grid and the same colour on the graph.

Legal to merge

Not all results can be merged.  For instance, it is not possible to merge results from a different date or audiometric thresholds that were obtained in an aided condition with those obtained in an unaided condition, etc.

In case you try to merge 2 incompatible results, Audiqueen will show a message like this:

Here are some rules of thumb for results to be 'legal to merge':

  • Mergeable results must be of the same type
  • Mergeable results must be of the same patient
  • The execution date ( day, month, year, ) must be the same 
  • Mergeable results for one side must have the same device(s) (if the devices belong to a device combination it must be the same)
  • None of the results used the adaptive method
  • ...

And some other conditions are checked and may cause warnings if it is unlikely that they are mergeable, even if this is technically possible.  Then it is up to you to merge or not to merge:

  • If the mergeable results were executed with a long time interval
  • If the tester is different 
  • ...

This feature is not available in the web viewer.