Audiqueen may upload depersonalized (pseudonymous) data to the cloud. In the current version, this option is disabled by default.  In any case, even If enabled, this is no PHI because of the depersonalisation. Therefore, it does not require the patient’s approval in the framework of the GDPR. 

A patient can always opt-in or opt-out to allow or not to have his/her pseudonymized data transferred to a cloud database.  This option can be set in the patient’s administration tool (Admin rights required). It is important to notice that opting in is required for FOX to work (FOX is the A.I. application to be used for the fitting of Nucleus Cochlear Implants). The FOX knowledge base and advise generator is located in the cloud and needs the patient’s data.

In the patient’s information, you can specify the opt-in per patient.

When creating a new patient file, the opt-in will be set to a default value.  This default setting is defined and can be changed by means of the Administrator’s tool (parameter DefaultInternetSharingSettingPrivacy).

In the administrator settings, you can specify the default
opt-in mode for new patients in your centre.

This feature is not available in the webviewer.