ý This feature is no longer supported

The A§E Coala Link allows all A§E-sounds to be presented directly from the PC to a Cochlear™ Nucleus® speech processor in a calibrated manner. For the Nucleus 6 processor, the stimulus presentation is done through an AUX-entry on the processor. For the Nucleus 7 processor this is done through a Bluetooth connection with a Cochlear™ Mini Microphone which in turn is connected to the PC. The Coala Link licence should be obtained from Cochlear™.

If you use the Coala Link, the audio chain will be calibrated automatically each time you perform a test. Your contribution to the calibration is restricted to selecting the soundcard that will deliver sound to the CI processor. When using the Nucleus 7 processor with wireless streaming, an additional parameter, called Audio Streaming Slot, must be set. See further down for more detail on this.

See Audiqueen’s manual for detailed instructions on the activation and the calibration of  Coala Link.

Read also our white paper on the validation of the Coala Link for Audiometry and Speech Audiometry...