The basket contains the pending outcome requests.  It is typically used by physicians who request a test to be executed on a patient who is visiting the doctor.  In that case, the doctor drags a test type from the ribbon down.  The basket will automatically appear, and the test can be dropped in the basket. Alternatively, the basket can be opened by clicking on the basket icon on the ribbon. Now a test request can be added by dragging and dropping it from the ribbon into the basket.

Requests: the doctor drags the test type of his choice to the Basket icon to see it appear in the list of desired exams to be executed.
List of requested exams: here the doctor has ordered audiometry with bone conduction and a speech audiometry.

The doctor can choose to add details or special instructions in the  Remarks field.  He/she then saves the basket with the green checkbox.

Use the right mouse button to remove a test from the basket

The requested exams are marked in the ribbon to indicate to the nurse/audiologist/technician which exams need to be done.

The two requested test types are marked and shifted to the first positions in the ribbon.

See here how to read and use the basket.