See also: how to save test requests to the basket?

The basket can be opened by either clicking on the icon in the ribbon (to show the PORs of this patient) or by clicking on the small arrow below the icon (to show the list of all PORs).

When viewing the list of all outstanding requests, by default the basket only shows the requests of today, but you can uncheck the checkbox ‘Show only today’s results to see all outstanding test requests.  Click on the column headers to order the requests.

Double-click on a test request to open the corresponding patient file and execute the test.

When viewing the individual basket of a patient, one or more test requests are displayed.  A test can be executed by clicking on the New Measurement icon in the Start column.

In case you want the patient to do the test as a self-test, check the Self Test box, and add the required settings (test side, with or without devices, or more test details under Settings).  Then select the patient’s language (the instructions to the patient will appear in this language) and the audio device.  If you have 2 screens, use the split screen option.  This will hand over one screen to the patient while you keep one screen to monitor the test execution.  If only one screen is available, enter a simple password before you hand over the screen to the patient.  You’ll need this password to unlock the screen and take over control again after the test execution. See here for more details.