Assigning hearing aids is very interesting because this will allow you to indicate whether or not test results have been obtained with or without a hearing aid.  It will also serve you well when performing queries in Audiqueen Analytics.

To assign a hearing aid to the right ear, click on the right icon of the Devices button in the Ribbon.  

In the Right Devices Manager, you can select the internal part (in case of implants) and/or the external part (for all devices).

In the case of a hearing aid, click on the + button of External Device.

Now fill out the relevant fields.  

The user selects the brand and model of the hearing aid. He can also add the serial number and additional comments.

If you don’t find your choice (Manufacturer, Model), just type it in to assign it to the patient.  This will also save the Manufacturer or Model names for the future.

The device will automatically be set to ‘Active’, assuming that the patient is currently wearing this device.  If this is not the case, you can set the device to Inactive with the slider.  Audiqueen assumes that the patient only has one active device, so if another device was already assigned to him/her, this will automatically be set to inactive.

In case of an implant, click on the + button of Internal Device and add all details.  Use the Create Surgical Event checkbox to have Audiqueen add ‘cochlear implant’ as a surgical event to the result grid.

Audiqueen remembers all hearing aids a patient has ever been wearing. 
The active aids are marked as such.

It often occurs that the same type of device needs to be assigned to the other side.  To avoid double work, you can check the internal or external part and click on the Copy to the other side sign.

From now on, for each audiological test, the user can indicate whether the test has been executed with or without the device.

When entering a test result, the user indicates whether the ears were aided or not. 
In the case of aided results, the user can pick the active devices, but older (inactive) devices remain available in the list.