When I change the index in speech audiometry, the grid does not display the chosen index, but it keeps displaying the old index.


The reason for this is that the speech tests in the grid come with their own index.  This is setting in the speech test management and it indicates that you seem to prefer this index to be used with given speech test.


Audiqueen respects your preference to have a specific speech test summarized by its own index.  Therefore, even if you choose a different index in the format window or in the index column header, Audiqueen will keep the test-specific index if it exists.  This is indicated by the checked option to override the set index with the test specific index. 

Uncheck this box to allow Audiqueen to display whatever index you choose in the format window or the index column header.

Where do set a stimulus dependent index?

A proprietary (also called specific index or stimulus dependent index) is set by means of the Manage Stimulus Material button, than Edit the test of your choice, then check the box ‘Use a specific index to summarize results obtained with this stimulus’, where SiQ stands for speech in quiet and SiN for speech in noise.