Note: this section only applies to Audiqueen versions lower than 3.5. See the corresponding section for Audiqueen versions higher than 3.5.

Note: The following instructions only work for stand-alone computers.  If Audiqueen is installed on local network, please have a look at the corresponding section.

Audiqueen requires a valid licence.  This contains a use right for a certain period (typically one year).  Upon expiry, the licence needs to be reactivated.  If not, Audiqueen’s functionality will be reduced to a minimum.  Audiqueen shall not completely stop so that you’ll always have access to the medical data of your patients.

How can I check the status of my use licence?

Click on the Audiqueen crown top-left and then on About.

The licence line shows the remaining time before expiry:

How do I know that my licence expires?

In most cases you will not notice anything.  After paying your annual contribution, Audiqueen will try to renew your use licence automatically.

If unsuccessful, Audiqueen shows the following message upon licence expiry:

What should I do when I get this message?

If you don’t have time to renew the licence now, you can postpone the reactivation, click on the SKIP button and continue working with the current licence.

As soon as you have time to reactivate the licence, click on the ACTIVATE button and reactivate the licence manually.