The user can easily customize the outlook and behaviour of Audiqueen to his personal preferences, without affecting Audiqueen’s behaviour for other users.

The user can configure the format of the graphs.

Audiqueen allows the user to adjust the program’s behaviour and adapt it to his own needs and preferences.

Results to Show by Default

The user can choose which test results should be shown on the graphs by default when loading a patient. This can be: None, All, Important (with Star), or Important and Recent results up to a specific amount.

If UpToX is selected, X is defined in the field Show up to ... results.  
In this case, Audiqueen shows a maximum of 8 results on the same graph.  
For this, it first selects the starred results and, if this number is less than 8, it adds the most recent results up to 8.

Adjust Look and Feel

The user may adjust the appearance of the application by selecting the skin of his choice.

To choose another color set, right-click on the Color Scheme button and pick one of the color schemes.

Test Result Graph Colours

Audiqueen allows changing the test result colours. Multi-colour is most appropriate to compare test results through time. Red/Blue can be used to emphasise the ear side that was measured. Greyscale may be used when printing to a black and white printer.

After having chosen your color scheme, you can still change the individual colors or their ranking. 
For this, right-click on the Color Scheme and click on Curve Colors.

Now, change the colors or use the up/down arrows to change their ranking.  
The top color will be used for the most recent result, the second color for the next, etc...

The Selected Result lets you pick the color of the result that is selected in the grid.

If you select a result in the grid (with a mouse click), the corresponding result becomes highlighted in the graph.


The user can restrict the transducers available when manually entering test results. This can improve the efficiency of entering results.

Click on the Transducers button and check the transducer types that you want to make available when entering results manually.  

These transducers will appear under the transducer button when entering data manually.

This feature is not available in the web viewer.
Audiqueen's webviewer inherits the settings defined in Audiqueen's Workstations.