During speech audiometry, acoustical items are presented and the listener is asked to repeat them.  An item can be a word or a sentence.  Items consist of segments.  For words, the segments are phonemes. For sentences, segments are words.

When the items are repeated by the listener, the audiologist scores the number of items and/or the number of segments correctly repeated.  This yields an item score or a segment score.

In the Format window of speech audiometry (or speech audiometry in noise), you can decide which elements (items or segments) to display on the graph. You also define which elements are connected by a solid line.  The other elements will be connected by a dotted line.

In this example, both word and phoneme scores are displayed on the speech audiogram.  
The phoneme scores are connected with a solid line.  Confidence intervals are not shown.

The elements connected with a solid line shall also be used to calculate the index.

Speech audiogram showing word scores (dotted line), phoneme scores (solid line), and the confidence interval for each point.

Confidence intervals indicate the 95% confidence interval as calculated using binomial statistics.  This indicates the uncertainty of the score.

Scores per word can be viewed by double-clicking on a point. 

This feature is not available in the web viewer.  
Audiqueen's web viewer inherits the settings defined in Audiqueen's Workstations