See also: Test Type Working Principles

Audiqueen 3.7 and higher has a built-in drawing module.  This module contains a set of anatomical pictures of the ear, nose, and throat.  You can add pictures of your own.  It also contains paint functionalities so that you can add coloured lines, brushstrokes, and shapes to these pictures.

How to set up a custom test for drawing?

  • Retrieve the test type Drawing (1) in the ribbon (or create a new custom test).
  • Make sure that the selected software in the Format window (2) is Audiqueen Draw.

Click here to find out how to create a new Custom Test.

In the last step of this procedure, make sure to activate the DRAW module.  You can also select this built-in software in the Format window of the test type.

How to create a drawing?

Find the Drawing Test type in the ribbon and click on New Measurement.

Audiqueen now opens the built-in DRAW module.

DRAW contains 4 sets of anatomical pictures:

  1. Ear
  2. Face & Neck
  3. Larynx & Pharynx
  4. Nose & Sinuses

Pick one of the pictures or open any other picture from your computer (with the open button).

Now pick an item from the Brush collection (pencil, gum, or one of the shapes), select a line size, foreground and background colour, and draw on the picture.

Note that the freestyle pencil works best with a USB graphical tablet that needs to be purchased separately.

Click on Save.

How to add new pictures to the DRAW collection?

It is possible to add anatomical or other pictures of your own to the built-in collection of pictures.  For this, open the Format window (1) and click on the Configure button (2).

Now you get a list of all anatomical pictures with their names and category (3).  This is the place to archive pictures that you don't need, edit existing pictures, or add new pictures (4).

Now enter the name of the new image (1), assign it to one of the categories (note that there is a category 'other') and use the right mouse button (2) to upload the image and a thumbnail.

The new picture will now appear in the proper category of the DRAW pictures.

This feature is not available in the web viewer.  
Audiqueen's web viewer displays the results entered in Audiqueen's Workstations.