Most A§E tests can be done as self-test., allowing the listener to perform the test on his/her own. A§E then mimics the behaviour of the audiologist. The listener will first hear the stimuli to get acquainted with the type of sound. After this, different stimuli are presented to demonstrate the cue to which the listener should pay attention. Once the test task is introduced and the listener indicates that he/she understands it, the real test starts.

A§E contains several internal controls to verify the reliability and consistency of the responses. If issues arise during the test, the test is interrupted for a brief rehearsal session. A§E calculates the score using mathematical algorithms.

Switch to self-test

The operator must check the self-test option in the basket.

To switch to self-test, check the self-test box in the basket (1), set the ear to be tested and the configuration of the ears during the test (2), 
set the listener’s language and the audio device (3), check the Split Screen box to display the patient’s interface on a second screen (4) and start the test (5). 
If there is no second screen, enter a password which you will need to unlock the patient’s screen as soon as you want to take over control again.

Some tests require additional configurations before they can be started as self-test. A§E automatically reminds you to configure the test, in case you forget.

The test settings are changed with the button

 After having changed the settings, click on ‘Save Settings & Quit’ to return to the basket and start the test.

A§E displays the self-test user interface to guide the listener through the test.

Change the default settings

Most tests come with default settings. The Factory Settings icon indicates that these settings are selected. If you change the settings, this icon changes to the My Settings icon. You can toggle between the Factory Settings and My Settings by clicking this button. Use the right mouse button to save your new settings as Factory Settings.

Phoneme discrimination self-test

Select a phoneme pair and click on the basket to add it to the basket.

Use the right mouse button to empty the basket.

Phoneme Identification self-test

Select the test of your choice and click on Save Settings & Quit to return to the basket.

Loudness Scaling self-test

Read also our white paper on the validation of the Loudness Scaling self-test...

Select the test of your choice and click on ‘Save Settings & Quit’ to return to the basket.

Sound Localization self-test

Both the ILD and the Azimuth Localization self-tests are executed with the default settings. The configuration cannot be modified.


JND self-tests

Select the test of your choice and click on Save Settings & Quit to return to the basket.