Have a look at the instructional video on Formatting.

Although this is not the recommended use, Audiqueen's built-in Sound Delivery module supports several types of amplifiers and speakers. The calibration of soundcards and set-up of sound equipment can be easily managed with the application.

The connection between Audiqueen and these sound systems needs to be calibrated.  This is how you proceed:

Select Otoconsult’s built-in
‘Sound Delivery Module’
in the Software selector of the Format window.

Now the audio device must be selected and calibrated for each test.


For each test, after ‘New Measurement’, select the audio device (1) and proceed to calibration (2).

The calibration for all audio devices comprises 2 steps: (1) select the transducers and channels and (2) play a calibration signal and adjust the appropriate levels.

Click on the number in the header to select the first or second calibration step.

Select your soundcard and how you wish to use both channels. Define which channel will be used if you select left, right, or both as the test side during the test execution. Attribute a label to each channel. 

Play the calibration signal while measuring the intensity with a sound level meter near the patient’s head. Adjust the loudspeaker volume or the slider on this screen to read 70 dB SPL on the SPL meter. Run the verification tool to double-check the calibration of the entire audio chain.


Please bear in mind that adjusting the Audiqueen slider will reduce the dynamic range of your signal. It is recommended to adjust the loudspeaker volume first, if possible.

This feature is not available in the web viewer.