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SoundC is the hardware setup with an external 8-channel soundcard and can manage up to 8 loudspeakers. This set-up can be used for azimuth localization and speech-in-noise tests with speech and noise coming from one or more different speakers. To calibrate the SoundC setup, make sure the volume dial is set on the same level for all speakers, preferably at the maximum volume. After opening the calibration window, proceed with the following steps.

Select the SoundC soundcard and define the set-up of the 8 channels. To do so, select ‘left’, ‘right’, or ‘both’ as the test side during test execution. Attribute a label to each channel. 
Play the calibration signal while you measure the intensity with a sound level meter near the patient’s head. Adjust the loudspeakers’ volume or the slider on this screen to read 70 dB SPL on the SPL meter. Run the verification tool to double-check the calibration of the entire audio chain.

Please bear in mind that adjusting the Audiqueen slider will reduce the dynamic range of your signal. It is recommended to adjust the loudspeakers’ volume first, if possible.

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