Yes, you can.  See also: Test Type Working Principles 

Audiqueen comes with a powerful and comprehensive Sound Delivery module that allows one to perform speech audiometry with words or sentences, in quiet or in noise, with manual or adaptive scoring.

You can use existing speech lists or create your own.

The basic idea is that you connect the audio output of your PC soundcard (either built-in or external) to the AUX input of your audiometer.  The latter must be correctly calibrated by the audiometer-technician.  If this is well done, you only need to calibrate the connection between your PC and the AUX input.  See Solution Centre to find out how to calibrate this.

Execute Speech Audiometry (in noise)

Select Otoconsult’s built-in 'Sound Delivery Module' in the format tool.  Then click on New Measurement in the ribbon.

Select audiometer or one of the other audio devices as apparatus to deliver the sound.

Make sure that the connection between Audiqueen and this audiometer is correctly calibrated !!

The Speech Audiometry windows display all typical functions needed for speech audiometric testing.

Speech Audiometry Interface.

Set the test parameters (1), such as the speech list, and the presentation level of the signal and the noise (if relevant).  

Please note that other parameters, such as the side tested, the conduction (free field, headphones, ...), etc. need to be controlled with the audiometer controls.  You may need to open the proprietary suite for this.  

Click ‘start’ (2) to play the first list.

This list order is shown in (3a) and the item order of the active list is shown in (3b). Either list or item order can be changed by (un)checking the corresponding shuffle checkbox. 

Shuffle Lists randomly changes the order of the different lists within one speech audiometry.
Shuffle Items randomly changes the order of the different items within one speech list.

The permutate checkbox creates completely new lists with randomly chosen items across all existing lists (see this white paper on its clinical validation).

Scoring (4) is done per segment or item according to the settings of the test.

Before saving the results, you need to indicate whether the results were obtained with or without hearing aids (1) (see details), and also which side and conductance belong to the test result (2).



Several settings can be modified in the configuration window.

Here you can choose how to score the segments, whether to highlight one or more intensities, whether to convert the SPL axis to HL, and whether to play video segments

Here you can set the intensity resolution and the initial levels for the signal and the noise. 

Here you can manage the adaptive methods. See Adaptive method for details.

See this separate support page for all details.

Multichannel soundcard

If the soundcard is set to be used with more than 2 speakers, you will be able to configure through which speakers sound should be played to present the stimulus signals and the noise.

This feature is not available in the web viewer.  
Audiqueen's web viewer displays the results entered in Audiqueen's Workstations.