See also: Test Type Working Principles 

A speech test for speech audiometry must be created once for further use. This can be done either manually or it can be uploaded from a pre-built speech test.

Contact Otoconsult to check which tests are available as prebuilt packages.  If you have obtained a pre-built speech test, follow the instructions below to install it.


Double-click on the file containing the speech test.


The content of the file is displayed.

Click on ‘Install Package’.


The speech test is installed.

Important copyright notice

Several speech lists, audio files, wave files, etc are copyright protected.  It is illegal to copy or distribute such material or to use illegal copies of such material. Legal copies, however, may be played with any sound player, such as Audiqueen.  You can upload any of your sound files into Audiqueen for later use in its speech audiometric module. 

Only if and when you have a legal copy of sound material, Otoconsult is willing, out of courtesy and free of charge, to facilitate its upload into Audiqueen by wrapping it into an ‘extension file’ that can be uploaded into Audiqueen with one button-click.  Before delivering, Otoconsult will send you a Declaration of Ownership form.  By signing this declaration, you explicitly request Otoconsult to provide this service and you accept full responsibility and liability for having a legal version of the speech sounds.

This feature is not available in the web viewer.