Test results can be output to reports. Both the graphical and numerical representation of test results can be included in the report. Multiple test results can be output to a single report. Report templates may be created in MS Word, allowing the end user to operate in a familiar environment. Click here to learn about templates.

The print function with the preview pane (left) and the selection pane (right). The user can select the printer, 
the report template and the number of copies. He can modify the look of document (colours, index, 
highlighting, legend, etc) and is able to choose which columns should be displayed.

The report can be readily modified during the preview stage, just before printing.

Include Legend

The legend to figures can be included in the report.

Include Test Result Details

All numerical test result details can be included in the report.

Here the user has unchecked the option to show the legend.

Include events

Surgical or non-surgical events can be added, just like in the results Grid.

Here the user has checked the option to show the surgical events.

Hide columns in the legend

The user can choose which legend columns he wants to display in the report.

Edit the report

Other modifications can be made either in the preview pane or in MS Word, if this application is installed on the computer. This gives the benefit to the end user of working in a familiar environment.

This feature is not available in the webviewer.