Audiqueen keeps track of user activities, so to retrieve which user has gained access or performed an action on a patient file.  You need administrator rights to open the session viewer.

For this, go to Administrator Tools and click on Session Viewer.

  • Define the period you want to monitor retrospectively: Today, Yesterday, any set period
  • Define which activity you want to view
  • The window now shows all activities grouped per user and then per patient
  • For other activities than just viewing the record, the + sign is enabled.  Clicking on this + sign shows which activity was performed.
    The following actions are recorded:

for each patient:for each test results/measurement:
  • PatientAdded
  • PatientEdited 
    • patient information changed
    • note created
    • note removed
    • event created
    • event edited
    • event archived
    • event retrieved
    • devices changed

  • ResultCreated
  • ResultEdited
  • ResultPropertyChanged
    • Archive
    • Retrieve
    • Starred
    • Unstarred
    • Note modified
  • ResultImported
  • ResultPrinted
  • ResultExported
  • ResultAssignedToOtherPatient

In this case, the user added (=created) the file of the patient with ID 43237 on July 31, 2019, at 11h20 on a computer with the name DESK5.

In this case, the session viewer shows that Today, User X has been running a session on Patient Y from 9:05 till 10:59 in Office ‘Fitting 3’. 
The user has created and imported results, for instance, he has created a speech audiometry at 10:04:42.

You can also group the results per patient.  For this, change the position of the User Name to become subordinate to the Patient Name, by dragging and dropping the corresponding field in the header.