The right to use Audiqueen is defined by a licence key.  This is a code that you receive from Otoconsult or from your local distributor.  This contains a use right for a certain period (typically one year).  The key also defines the features, the number of concurrent users, the number of workstations, etc., and the expiry date of your use rights.   

How and where to enter/activate the licence key?

You are asked to enter the licence key during the installation procedure.

This field pops up to enter the key:

How to retrieve and manage (re-activate, etc...) the licence key?

The typical situation comprises a network licence.  See below for the exceptional situation of Audiqueen being installed on 1 workstation only.

Network licence (only for qualified ICT administrators !):

  • Go to the computer on which the licence service has been installed (this would  typically be the same as the computer hosting Audiqueen's SQL database)
  • In the Administrator Tools, click on Licences button to open the licence service.
  • This opens the licence service, showing Audiqueen's network licence, the current ongoing sessions and the locked features.

  • Click on Show installed Licenses

              Here you can select the Audiqueen licence, view its details, re-activate or de-activate it and install new licences.

Single Workstation licence ('local licence')(this requires Administrator rights !)

  • Click on the Audiqueen crown top-left and then on Administrator Tools.
  • Click on Licences button to open the licence service.

  • This opens the licence viewer showing the licence, its issue and expiry dates:

Audiqueen displays the installed licence(s).  You can select one and get all details by clicking on the View Details button.  
This is also the place where you can re-activate or de-activate a licence manually.

Cloud Licence

A cloud licence is entirely managed by Otoconsult.  It is installed/activated during installation.  Thereafter, you should experience no issues whatsoever with this licence.  Else, please contact Otoconsult for assistance.

What happens if my licence expires?

Upon expiry, the licence needs to be reactivated.  If not, Audiqueen’s functionality will be reduced to a minimum.  Audiqueen shall not completely stop so that you’ll always have access to the medical data of your patients. 

When to re-activate the licence key?

In most cases you will not have to do anything.  After paying your annual contribution, Audiqueen tries to renew your use licence automatically. 

If not, you will receive a message to re-activate the licence manually:

  • for a network licence: You should inform the IT manager or system administrator that the licence needs to be reactivated. He/she should do this manually (see below).
    For now: click on the SKIP button and continue working with the current licence.
  • for a stand alone installation on a single PC: follow the procedure as described above
  • for a cloud licence: contact Otoconsult (