This module is one of the Administrator Tools.  It configures all the parameters that concern Audiqueen.  It comprises a long comprehensive list of all possible settings for Audiqueen, including the other ones covered by the other buttons in the Administrator Tools, such as A§E default settings, the settings that are typically set in the Format window of the ribbon, Datafile storage path (if enabled), EMR integration settings (context or HL7), Keywords, Events, LDAP, NOAH integration, update strategy, etc.

These settings should only be touched by an administrator under the supervision of Otoconsult

This is also the place where you can import a file prepared by Otoconsult and containing several settings that you agreed upon with Otoconsult.

  • Machine settings manage the parameters of third-party applications, like the measuring devices, the A§E application, etc.
  • Centre settings manage the configuration of general parameters that apply to all computers on the local network.
  • Factory settings hold the default values of the settings when no centre or machine value is set for a certain parameter.

Machine settings have priority over centre settings which have priority over factory settings.


The parameter list. When selecting a parameter (upper arrow), Audiqueen describes the feature (lower arrow) to assist the administrator.
The value that is in effect has a yellow background. A dark grey background means this setting is not available in this scope.