By default, Audiqueen stores all files up to 1,8 GB into its database and rejects the manual uploading of larger files.  

Note: If videos are recorded with Audiqueen's built in Multimedia Capture Tool, the recording will automatically start a new recording as soon as the previous one reaches a size of 1,8 GB.  This means that video's are not affected by size constraints.

Note: If you are using SQL Server Express Edition, the DB size has a maximum of 10 GB.  In that case, consider the setting described under 'Lower values' below.

It is possible to configure Audiqueen to not reject larger sizes but to rather store them into a separate folder.  This folder then needs to  be set in the Administrator Tools, under Audiqueen Settings Configuration > Data FIle Storage > DataFileStoragePath.  In this case, make sure to include this folder in your backup policy!

The MaxFileSizeForDB of 1,8 GB can be changed to lower or higher values.

  • Lower values: this is if you are afraid of overloading your database with large files.  The minimum value is 0,1 GB. 
  • Higher values: in this case, it is compulsory to switch on File Stream in you SQL database.  

So these are the possible policies:

  1. Recommended: accept the defaults.
    It is an option to consider a folder for extralarge files (above 1,8 GB), but such file sizes will hardly ever occur, so rejecting them remains a good choise as well.  

  2. If you want to keep Audiqueen's database lean and slim: lower the MaxFileSize and consider what to do with files exceeding the newly set limit (either reject or save to a separate folder).
  3. If you want all files of whatever size to be stored in Audiqueen's database: increase the MaxFileSizeForDB (in Administrator Tools) and switch the FileStream ON.   You still need to decide what to do with extra-extralarge files (exceeding the newly set limit).

In case you save files to the DataFileStoragePath, make sure to protect this folder and it's accessibility well and to implement a solid backup policy in order never to lose the files!  Otoconsult can never be held responsible for any losses due to inaccurate backup policies.