Whenever masking is applied to set a threshold, it may be interesting to know the masking level.  This is especially interesting to supervise audiologists in training or performing verification in retrospect.

The masking information is available in the tooltip that appears whenever you hover over a threshold.

Hovering over the right bone threshold (50 dB) shows all the information, 
including the fact that 85 dBmasking was used (on the left side).

You can display the full set of masking levels by selecting and highlighting one particular result in the grid.  The graph then shows all masker levels on the other side.

Selecting one audiogram at the right ear (arrow) makes the masking levels pop up at the left side (circle).

The symbols used to depict masking levels can be modified in the Format > Show Legend window.

See Solution Centre to find out how to change these symbols to symbols of your own choice...

If you cannot see the masker points, make sure that the proper checkbox in the Audiometry Format is checked and that you have selected the result line in the grid (the line should be highlighted !)