A number of audiologists and audiometer manufacturers have developed their own audiometric symbols to indicate whether a result is obtained with hearing aids, cochlear implants, etc.  

The ISO standards do not give separate symbols for aided versus unaided scores, let alone for different types of aids.  So each audiologist solves this a bit in his/her own way.  

For Audiqueen, we have chosen to remain consistent with the ISO standards by only allowing the symbols to depend on the side (left/right) and on the conduction (headphones, free field, ...).  It would require a very large number of symbols (and thus become very confusing) if we had to provide additional symbols for aided/unaided, etc.  Whether or not a result is obtained with hearing aids is shown in the grid below the graph. 

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Moreover, this comes with a number of additional advantages, such as:

  • In the grid, much more detail can be given about the hearing aid with which the result was obtained.
  • This makes it possible to filter the results on aided or unaided only: see also here; this can be very interesting for example to follow the evolution in time, see also here
  • This allows to retrieve results (and thus statistics) in Analytics for aided or unaided conditions separately (e.g. give all unaided thresholds before an intervention and all aided results 1 month after an intervention): see also here