It is possible to have Audiqueen display the frequency spectrum of the phonemes used in the classical A§E Phoneme tests.

While executing the test

For this, open the Phoneme Discrimination test in Audiqueen's ribbon and select two phonemes: one stimulus and one background ((1) in the figure below).  The background sound can be the same as the stimulus.

Then click on the rainbow icon (2) to get the spectral analysis.  Audiqueen displays the spectrum of the stimulus sound in yellow, of the background sound in blue, and the difference in red (3).  If stimulus and background are the same, the difference is obviously nill.

You can change the X-axis with the drop-down button that contains the available frequency tables.  

Or you can make your own frequency table by means of the Table Editor...

The Table Editor shows the differerent frequency tables, each with its frequency bands 
with low and high cut-off frequency.  You can create a new frequency table by clicking 
on the FIle > New Table menu item.  You can then save this new table 
for this particular patient only (not to overload the list of tables) 
or make it available for future use in other patients as well.

While viewing the test results

You can also see the spectral analysis of a phoneme contrast by hovering with the mouse over the contrast result in the result viewer: