Each result comes with a unique identifier and can only appear once in Audiqueen's database.  So one result cannot be assigned to more than one patient.  It may occur, however, that a result has been imported or manually entered into the file of the wrong patient.  In that case, you may want to move this result from patient A to patient B.  Exporting it from patient A and importing it into patient B will not work, because exporting a result does not remove it from the database, so Audiqueen will refuse to import it ("the same result") in patient B.

For this specific situation, there is a solution to move the result to another patient.  

Select one or more results in patient's A results grid (use the ctrl and shift keys for a multi-select).  Then click on the right mouse button and select Assign to other patient.

Audiqueen now opens the Choose Patient form to let you select the target patient (patient B).  After selection, click on Assign to other patient to move the results to patient B.

 This feature is not available in the web viewer.