When performing audiometry with Audiqueen's bult-in Audiometric module, it may occur that the background color of the Masking controls changes to yellow.

ý because of regulatory restrictions, this feature is no longer supported in new installations

This occurs when Audiqueen believes that there is a risk of overhearing and that controlateral masking may be required.  For this Audiqueen uses the controlateral bone threshold.  If no bone threshold of today is available, Audiqueen will try to estimate the bone threhold based on previous audiometries at the same or other frequencies.  

Bear in mind that this is merely a hint given by Audiqueen and that this should be interpreted by a competent audiologist.  Audiqueen can make mistakes and its hints should not be followed blindly !!

Switch on or off Audiqueen's masking hints

You can choose to switch these hints on of off.  This requires administrator rights.  For this, open Audiqueen's Administrator tools.  Find the setting DecisionSupportToSuggestMasking (under the section Audiometry in Overview of Audiqueen Settings).  

This feature is not available in the webviewer.