To be able to perform an Export to Excel of an Audiqueen result, specific SQL database permissions are required. 
If you encounter errors while exporting a result to Excel, your SQL user might not have them. 

These permissions should be given to the SQL user specified in the Database Connection Settings of the Audiqueen Administrator Tools.  In case of the Windows NT Intergrated Security, the permissions should be given to either a Windows user group or the specific Windows user, depending on your SQL Server security settings. 

The following SQL commands should be executed to give the necessary permissions to this specific user. Replace [user] with the correct User ID, Windows user group or Windows user.

IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.objects WHERE type = 'FN' AND OBJECT_ID = OBJECT_ID('[Audiqueen].[PatientKeywordsFull]')) exec('CREATE FUNCTION [Audiqueen].[PatientKeywordsFull]( @patientId uniqueIdentifier)RETURNS nvarchar(max)AS BEGIN return null END')


GRANT ALTER ON SCHEMA::Audiqueen TO [user]

GRANT EXECUTE ON OBJECT::Audiqueen.PatientKeywordsFull TO [user]