In many hospitals, only team members of the ENT and audiology dept have full access to Audiqueen.  But other medical people in the same hospital may also want such access, for instance, pediatricians or anesthesiologists, etc.  In such cases, it is recommended to give read-only access to them.  See the Solution Centre to learn how this works.

For some reason, it may be interesting to store a copy of Audiqueen results in the EMR.  Audiqueen can be configured such that this is done automatically whenever a test result is saved.  See the Solution Centre to learn how to set this configuration.

If for whatever reason, you want to send one or several results to your EMR, this is the way to proceed...

(1)  Select one or several results using CTRL-click 

(2) open the menu with a mouse-right-click

(3) click on 'Push to  EMR'

Audiqueen now sends 1 PDF file for each result to the EMR.  It will use the File Dump technology selected in the Administrator Tools for this.

Please note that this will not happen in patients marked as fake or dummy.