See also: how to perform speech audiometry (in noise)?

Click on the Settings icon when opening the speech audiometric module.



Score Segments*

  • By marking the correct segments*:
    The audiologist checks each segment that was well understood

  • By counting the number of correct segments*:
    The audiologist indicates how many segments were correctly understood

  • Discard the first item: The first item is considered a test item.  It is presented and scored, but the  score is not included in the final test score.  So if the speech list contains 12 items, the final score will be calculated as the average of the last 11 scores.  
    Note that this option is available to satisfy audiologists who were used to do this when playing speech lists from CD tracks.  In these cases, it was not possible to repeat the first item.  In Audiqueen, the first item can be repeated by clicking on the item.  This can be done immediately after playing the sound, or after playing the last item of the speech list (so the presented items would then be 1-2-3-...-12-1; in which case the first score on item 1 would be replaced by the second score on item 1, similar to audiometry, where the threshold at 1000 Hz is repeated at the end of the audiometry).  For that matter, the default setting of Audiqueen is to NOT discard the first item.

Highlight Intensities

This is to set a number of default presentation levels.  For instance, if you like to execute speech audiometry at 40, 55, 70 and 85 dB SPL, you can enter these levels here (1).  The graph then highlights them by drawing bars (2) while the arrows to increase and decrease the presentation levels (3) will use these steps.

SPL to HL conversion

Here you can decide to use a dBHL scale and define the offset between dBHL and dBSPL.

Speech Video

In case the speech sounds come with video sequences (to show the mouth image for lipreading), you should check this box and use the milliseconds delay variable to adjust the synchronization between the sound and the image.


Here you can set the Intensity Resolution and the initial presentation levels for the signal and the noise.  The Intensity Resolution is the smallest step size for the presentation level.  This is typically 5 dB or 1 dB.


This is the place to manage the adaptive algorithms and to set their parameters.  See the separate support page for more details.

This feature is not available in the webviewer.  
Audiqueen's webviewer displays the results entered in Audiqueen's Workstations.


* the meaning of the terms item and segment depend on whether you are using a speech list with words or with sentences 

speech lists with wordsspeech lists with sentences

item: wordsentence

segment: phonemeword