The Audiqueen data is stored in a typical sql database.  It is ideal if this database is maintained on an sql server that is managed by the hospital IT department.  The IT department will then take regular backups and also have restore procedures to restore the data in case of data loss.

As with all software, it is extremely important to be aware of the vulnerability of digital media. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to make regular backups of your data (saved test results) and to make sure that the backups are stored in a safe place. It is good practice to have a written back-up procedure that takes care of all your data and to enforce this procedure to be carried out on very regular basis. Otoconsult cannot accept any responsibility for lost data.

Alternatively, it is possible to take care of backups yourself using Audiqueen's AutoBackup service.  This is a Windows service that is permanently active and automatically makes backups.  In this way daily backups are made and saved for 7 days and monthly backups which are saved for 2 months.  Backups are made at 1:00 am.

A report of the backups can be kept and in case of three consecutive failures, a notification can be given to the user.  For this, you should set to TRUE the CheckIntegrityOfDailyBackup parameter in Audiqueen Administrator Tools

Switch on this CheckIntegrityOfDailyBackup parameter.
If not, you have no verification tool to warn you for failed backups !!

Installing the service

Prerequisite: make sure that SQL service is running under the Localsystem account. For this you can follow these steps in the service page:

  • Right click on SQL server and select properties.
  • In properties, go to the  Log On tab and select Local System Account
  • Make sure that in the SQL database, NT Authority/system login is mapped to Audiqueen database

Install the service

The service must be installed on the computer that accomodates Audiqueen's database !!

Run Audiqueen.DBAutoBackupService.msi (can be obtained from Otoconsult).

Accept or change the folder where the backups will be saved.

Now the AutoBackup service is installed succesfully.  It will create backups automatically.  Should it stop working, it will automatically restart whenever Windows restarts.

Retrieving the backups

All Backups are stored under the folder that you selected during the installation. By default this is c:\Program Files (x86)\Otoconsult\Audiqueen.DBAutoBackupService\

Daily backups are stored in the \DBBackups\ subfolder

Monthly backups are stored in the \DBBackups \montlyBackup\ subfolder