Audiqueen is continuously updated.  Bugs are fixed, new functionalities are created and the underlying technologies are adapted to the most modern criteria, Windows versions, etc.

It is important for many reasons that you have the latest version of Audiqueen installed.

Whenever a new version of Audiqueen is released (typically once a year), there are 2 typical ways to update your Audiqueen.

  1. Otoconsult provides an installer (msi) to your IT department.  The IT department will then install the new version for you.
  2. Your Audiqueen is configured to perform updates automatically.  In that case every Audiqueen workstation with an internet connection will regularly check if a new version exists and if so, this version will be downloaded and automatically installed on all computers.

Although unlikely, it is always possible that for some reason you may want to manually check whether a new version exists.  You will need both Audiqueen and Windows Administrator rights to do this.  You can then click on the Check for Updates button in the About window.