A typical speech-in-noise audiogram looks like this:

  1. The horizontal axis displays the speech level (in case of fixed noise) or the noise level (in case of fixed speech) or the SNR (signal-to-noise ratio, in case of mixed conditions).  You can opt to always have an SNR axis by checking the corresponding box in the Format window.

  2. The lines display the item of segment scores, as indicated in the bottom-right caption.  In this case, the solid line depicts the phoneme score, and the dashed line the word score.  This can be changed in the format window.

  3. The points represent the scores.  The symbols used can be found in the format window under Legend (use the preview button to get a full list of symbols used). in this example, the symbol stands for Left Ear - Free Field in Speech in noise with fixed noise...

  4. Hovering over a score point shows a tooltip with all the details of the measured point.

  5. The wobbling line shows the noise intensity (in this case 65 dB SPL).

  6. The second horizontal axis displays the dB HL scale.  See this support page for more details.