An audiogram is a graphic representation of an audiometric result.  Its format is determined by the ISO 8253 standard.  However, you may want to add your own overlays, such as a speech banana or a zone indicating when BAHA or CI is indicated.  

Audiqueen can now add such overlays.  Administrator rights are required to create overlays.  An overlay can be either a figure or a zone created by X-Y coordinates.

To create an overlay, go to Audiometry (1), click on Format (2), and then on Manage Overlays (3).

Click on Add to create a new overlay.


Now give a name (1), select Picture (2), and decide whether you want Audiqueen to fit this plot on a regular audiogram (125-8000 Hz) or an audiogram with high frequencies (125-20.000 Hz) (3).

Now you can upload the picture (arrow).  Make sure the picture width and height are between 500 and 3000 pixels!


If you prefer to draw your own zone on the audiogram, proceed as before, but select XY-plot and enter the coördinates of the shape you want to make.  The X values are predefined by the audiometric frequencies (125-20000  Hz).  For each X value, you can enter 2 Y values.  You can also set the shape outline and fill color.

In this example, a shape (zone) is created from 1000 to 4000 Hz.  
The shape is filled with a transparent green colour and it has no outline.

Show Overlay

The overlays now appear in the drop-down menu in the Format window.  Each user can select which overlay to show on the audiogram.

Depending on your selection, the overlay now appears on the audiogram: