Interacoustic audiometers can be controlled by proprietary software (Affinity Suite, Diagnostics Suite, ...).

See our support page on calibration first.

The hardware setup looks like this:

Set to SPL

It is recommended to set the suite to SPL.  See this support page for more information.

Go to General Setup in the Suite.

Select No Standard (SPL mode) in Speech Settings.

Connect audio cables

Connect your PC's soundcard with an audio cable to the CD 1 (or CD2) input of the audiometer

Adjust the audiometer's input sensitivity

In the suite, select (1) Life voice, (2) Rev and (3) AUX 1 (or Aux 2).

In Audiqueen's calibration module, play the calibration signal and adjust the AUX 1 (or AUX 2) input level until the VU meter shows an offset of 0 dB.

Not good: 
the VU meter level is too low.
the VU meter level = 0
Not good: 
the VU meter level is too high.