After creating a study protocol (see here), you can click Run Query.  Audiqueen will then 'retrospectively' search all patients meeting the inclusion criteria and include the corresponding results in the analysis.

It is also possible to enroll patients in an ongoing study.  The advantage of this is that Audiqueen will indicate when this patient should undergo a certain test according to the protocol.  This function can also be used to generate clinical paths, or follow-up paths, protocols, or procedures.

For this, click on Search Eligible Studies in Audiqueen's ribbon menu.

Audiqueen now searches all studies with start date before today and end date after today to see if this patient meets the inclusion criteria.  You can now indicate for each appropriate study whether you wish to include or exclude this patient.  You can also defer this decision.

Once included or excluded, the colour of the Analytics tab changes, and the name of the study appears in the ribbon under Analytics (green when included, red when excluded).

From now on, every time you open this patient's file, Audiqueen will check whether certain tests need to be done 'today' according to one of the study protocols.  If so, you will receive a notification with the choice to add this test request to the basket.

You can also use the Forecast function to get a list of which patients should get which tests in a future period.  This is useful to create a list of patients to be called to undergo audiological tests.