Server Configuration

  1. Review the Audiqueen System Requirements to make sure the target SQL Server Instance is configured correctly. Please note that you need to enable the FILESTREAM feature. Otherwise the Database Restore operation will fail.
  2. Make a Full Backup of the Audiqueen database. Restore it into the new server/instance. Make sure the necessary SQL Logins are mapped to the [audiqueen] User in the Audiqueen Database, such that they are a member of the [db_owner] Role.

Workstation Configuration

Now that the database has been moved to a new location, all workstations need to be reconfigured, so that they connect to the database at its new location.

Manual Procedure

Open Audiqueen Administrator Tools on the Workstation, and click Manage Connections.

The Manage Connections screen appears. Select the Default connection and press "Edit". The Database Connection Settings screen appears.

Enter the new location of the database (YOURSERVERNAME\INSTANCENAME) where YOURSERVERNAME is the computer name of the machine in your network where the Audiqueen Database Server is installed, and INSTANCENAME is the name of the SQL Server Instance that contains the database. In case you have changed the SQL Login, click "Advanced" to configure the credentials. Press "Test" to verify that the connection can be established. If the test does not succeed, please check the values you entered and make sure that the firewall on your Audiqueen Server machine allows incoming connections. Click "Save" to return to connection management. Make sure the Default connection is set active and press "OK" to apply and save. 

Automated Procedure

Configuration parameters like the database host name can be supplied as MSI arguments during an unattended install. For example, to run the Audiqueen Workstation setup without user interaction, supply the /qb parameter and provide the connection string argument as shown below:

Audiqueen.msi /qb CONNECTIONSTRING="Server=SERVERNAME\OTOCONSULT;Database=Audiqueen;User ID=audiqueen;Password=audiqueen"


The Database Connection Settings on a workstation may have been overridden on a per user basis. This may have occurred when a user configures the connection without having Administrator privileges. In that case the settings are saved in the user's profile. The user's settings overrule the general configuration. In such a case the user will have to reconfigure the connection himself, while logged on with his/her Windows Account.